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Rodger Etz-Brown rodgereb at linuxtag.org
Tue Mar 20 15:57:29 UTC 2001

* Axel von Arnim (vonarnim at club-internet.fr) wrote:
> Here are my propositions for a FSFE logo:
> http://www.utc.fr/fudaa/fsfe
> They are very simple, as a combination of 2 symbols: Europe (flag with 
> stars) and Linux penguin or Gnu. So they match the 100x100 requirement.
> My preferred one is the first one: "European flag with big penguin" 
> because it is straight-forward (I mean self-explanatory).
> I may bring an explanation on each of the symbols.
>   1. European flag
> I read the discussions on stars/no stars for Europe, but I think the 
> starred flag is just a very popular and symbolic flag for Europe. 
> Everyone knows this flag, and doesn't necessarily think of the EU, but 
> of Europe in general. This is what the EU tells about the flag:
> Against the background of blue sky, twelve golden stars form a circle,
> representing the union of the peoples of Europe. The number of stars is
> fixed, twelve being the symbol of perfection and unity."

Perfection and Unity, that's rich coming from a corrupt organisation and a not
united Europe :)

> So there isn't any direct connection with the number of nations in the 
> EU.
>   2. Linux penguin
> I know that Linux is only a part of the Free Software community work, 
> and that Gnu should be more appropriate, but the Penguin (and Linux) are 
> becoming so popular that this symbol is immediately recognizable and 
> associated with the Free Software "crusade", for any kind of audience.
> But I admit that this amalgamation could lead to confusion which 
> is not suitable to a serious organization such as the FSFE. Tell me what 
> you think.

Under no circumstances should the logo be related to any one product of the
Free Software movement. This will potentially alienate all other Free Software projects.

>   3. Gnu head
> Official Gnu/FSF Logo. Nothing to add.

IMHO the best choice. It shows the relation to the FSF and is well recognised
as a 'brand'.


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