Logo again.

Axel von Arnim vonarnim at club-internet.fr
Tue Mar 20 11:08:13 UTC 2001

Here are my propositions for a FSFE logo:

They are very simple, as a combination of 2 symbols: Europe (flag with 
stars) and Linux penguin or Gnu. So they match the 100x100 requirement.
My preferred one is the first one: "European flag with big penguin" 
because it is straight-forward (I mean self-explanatory).

I may bring an explanation on each of the symbols.

  1. European flag
I read the discussions on stars/no stars for Europe, but I think the 
starred flag is just a very popular and symbolic flag for Europe. 
Everyone knows this flag, and doesn't necessarily think of the EU, but 
of Europe in general. This is what the EU tells about the flag:

Against the background of blue sky, twelve golden stars form a circle,
representing the union of the peoples of Europe. The number of stars is
fixed, twelve being the symbol of perfection and unity."

So there isn't any direct connection with the number of nations in the 

  2. Linux penguin
I know that Linux is only a part of the Free Software community work, 
and that Gnu should be more appropriate, but the Penguin (and Linux) are 
becoming so popular that this symbol is immediately recognizable and 
associated with the Free Software "crusade", for any kind of audience.
But I admit that this amalgamation could lead to confusion which 
is not suitable to a serious organization such as the FSFE. Tell me what 
you think.

  3. Gnu head
Official Gnu/FSF Logo. Nothing to add.

Axel von Arnim
vonarnim at cetmef.equipement.gouv.fr
vonarnim at club-internet.fr
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