Change for Caldera OpenLinux Workstation

Hong Feng fred at
Thu Jun 28 15:25:22 UTC 2001

> The certificate is in fact the license terms of their proprietary
> "extensions" which now does not allow to use one "license" on more
> than one box.

Now I see.  If so, I think we need to critisize it in public media,
and inform our community not use it.

> I am not sure but I guess that this proprietary stuff is now
> essential for Caldera like the proprietary YaST is for SuSE.          

I think RMS offered a nice idea when he was in China last May, i.e.
make a list or table list all the so-called "Linux" distributions,
and index the distances of them to our pure GNU/Linux by marks,
and publish the indexing result on

According to Linux Journal, May's issue, there are 188 distributions
now, so I think this work could be a little bit time consuming, but
really worth to do now.


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