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Sun Jun 10 12:53:26 UTC 2001

Is this posting of me gnubidient? 
I am not sure, but hey, this is discussion at fsfeurope... 	:)

There is an article about the FSFE in the German magazin
"Linux-Computing" issue 7/2001 (not online at time of this mail).
It is written by Georg and probably does not tell you much 
you do not know anyway about the structure of
and the motivation behind the fsfe.

Fun point is the next page where you can take a test about your
GNU GPL license knowledge (not composed by Georg).

It is rather hairy (and I have scored only 15/16 points, 
because I missunderstood question 4. And I had to guess a couple
of times what they were actually asking for. )
However it is a good and fun idea, IMO.

Linux Computing is a rather new magazin.
Only in telling them that we want to read stories about Free Software 
and care about the freedom, we can convince them to
write more about this and less about "open source".
So I guess it is a good thing to get our message out, 
even if I cannot recommend the magazin for most of its contents.

This gets me back to the introductory question:
Now I have given this magazin some publicity on this list.
Even when critising them it most likely will get them more readers.
A lot of contents really deals with proprietory software and it is a
waste of time to read it if you care for free software.
Obviously they try to get more Free Software voices and expertise in
there, so I guess that I am somehow rewarding this with this
posting and I am making this general point that 
we should not stop giving magazins (we might happen to read anyway
for other reasons) our opinions about what we want to read in them.

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