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Thu Jul 26 19:39:05 UTC 2001

>From: Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at>

>> 1)	Don't trust Press releases that are set up by enemies (FhG in this cas=
>> 	I don't want to go into details, but from a legal point of view
>> 	GMD is not jet FhG!

>The webpages of GMD have different information:
>	| Nun sind auch alle juristischen Schritte zur Integration
>	| der GMD in die Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft vollzogen.

Did you ever listen to the radio station of an occupied country?

>> Right! At the moment we call "GMB Informationstechnik e.V. & Co. KG."
>> Nevertheless, we remain a non-profit organisation and we are not part of
>> Fraunhofer!
>> The change to the new name has become valid with 20.7.2001 with a publish=
>> in "Bonner Generalanzeiger" (Page 20). As I am replying to a mail from
>> you send at 16.7.2001, you see, that your statements are wrong.

>Okay, the Berlios is now (since 6 days) not part of Frauenhofer anymore
>according to your information.
>This seems to be a good step.

I said that GMD is not yet Fraunhofer, you say that GMD is no more Fraunhofer.

		You seem to know more then I know!

As I am the president of the works-council of GMD-Berlin and constantly fighting 
during the last two years against this senseless forced fusion this is curious....

But hey! If you really know more than I do, why then didn't you help us to support
this fight against the FhG GMD fusion?

>> >>> Nobody in the (German) community trusts BERLIOS, probably due to a gut
>> >>> feelings.
>> >At least all the folks I know and that are quite some.
>> So I give you the advice to find better friends. People who make statemen=
>> like this are no help for the movement.

>Thanks for downgrading all people that Werner=20
>(Vice-President of the FSFE Chapter Germany, in the board of GUUG,=20
>main architect of GnuPG) knows in Germany which are involved in Free Softwa=
>As I am also one of these persons I can reassure you that
>a statements like the one above can be perceived as "unfair accusations".

Did I mention your name? Did Werner mention your name? I am sure that not!

>There are several other reasons why is distrust of BerliOS
>in the Free Software community in Germany.
>We (the FSFE) did not create it.  We merely point it out to you.

To avoid future confusion like in the paragraph above: Are you speaking
as Vice President of FSFE or are you speaking as Bernhard Reiter?
I don't like to confuse personal statements with official statements
from organisations.... and I am sure that the existence of FSFE gives
positive impulses to the free-software/open-source community in Europe!

... Does this mean that you personally have problems when people are 
fighting for free-software/open-source?

... or is it simply that some animals are more equal than others?

I am a bit confused now.... We had a very positive talk at CeBIT this
year and you told us that we should co-operate. You pointed out, that
BerliOS gives a positive impulse to the free-software/open-source community.

It seems that something happened during the last few months.
As you told us that FSFE would support BerliOS why didn't you contact
us meanwhile? If there really are problems, we already could have done
something against these problems.

>Free Software developers usually have a sixth sense for some
>of the mistakes BerliOS is making.

So it seems that you personally feel with your sixt sense that there are misterious
mistakes. Please tell us more about these misterious mistakes!


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