BerliOS <-> FSFE relations (was: questionary - who developes FS/OSS)

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Thu Jul 26 20:43:53 UTC 2001


rereading my already written angry answer to your mail quoted below
I have realised that there were several missunderstandings.
So I deleted a lot of it and try to get back to the positive things.

I welcome the dialog with you and BerliOS.

(I have left in the some explainations which are not meant to be
offensive. If you think some more points need clarification, 
I can address them.)

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 09:39:05PM +0200, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >From: Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at>

> >The webpages of GMD have different information:
> >
> >	| Nun sind auch alle juristischen Schritte zur Integration
> >	| der GMD in die Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft vollzogen.
> Did you ever listen to the radio station of an occupied country?

This situation of the Frauenhofer and GMD creates some uncertainty,
a public statement from BerliOS might help.
It is hard for outsiders to understand the situation.

[ Missunderstanding one ]

> >> Right! At the moment we call "GMB Informationstechnik e.V. & Co. KG."
> >> Nevertheless, we remain a non-profit organisation and we are not part of
> >> Fraunhofer!
> >>=20
> >> The change to the new name has become valid with 20.7.2001 with a publish=
> >ing
> >> in "Bonner Generalanzeiger" (Page 20). As I am replying to a mail from
> >> you send at 16.7.2001, you see, that your statements are wrong.
> >Okay, the Berlios is now (since 6 days) not part of Frauenhofer anymore
> >according to your information.

> I said that GMD is not yet Fraunhofer, you say that GMD is no more Fraunhofer.
> 		You seem to know more then I know!

Got thrown off by your typo and the rest of the paragraph (see above)
and somehow believed that BerliOS might be seperated from GMD 
and had a new name.
Just tried to rephrase what I have understood.
Can you clarify the legal situation of the GMD then? 
I obviously did not understand it.

[ Misstunderstanding two ]

> Did I mention your name? 

I was refering to your statement implying 
that Werner or any other person saying: "a group of free software
developers does not trust BerliOS" is not helping the movement.

As I am also a person who thinks that a lot of Free Software
Developers in Germany to not fully trust BerliOS, 
your statement said something about me. I am just explaining to you why 
your statement can be interpreted in an offensive way.

[ Back to constructive talk ]

> We had a very positive talk at CeBIT this
> year and you told us that we should co-operate. You pointed out, that
> BerliOS gives a positive impulse to the free-software/open-source community.

It does in principle and we should co-operate.
In my other mail (written and mailed before I did get to read this one)
I have had briefly mentioned two points which I perceive as problems.

> As you told us that FSFE would support BerliOS why didn't you contact
> us meanwhile? If there really are problems, we already could have done
> something against these problems.

Some of them were already pointed out in personal communication 
but I (personally) did not get the impression (then) that they were taken 
seriously enough.

Your appearance in this list shows that we can establish communication.
This is positive.

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