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>> -	The most important one: GMD !=3D Fraunhofer - Full Stop!

>What about :

>  Fusion von GMD und Fraunhofer endg=FCltig vollzogen

>  Die zun=E4chst umstrittene Verschmelzung der GMD mit der Fraunhofer
>  Gesellschaft ist jetzt rechtlich abgeschlossen. "Alle Rechte und
>  Pflichten der fr=FCheren GMD sind auf die Fraunhofer Gesellschaft als
>  Rechtsnachfolgerin =FCbergegangen", hei=DFt es in einer
>  Mitteilung. Nachdem die GMD zun=E4chst in eine Kommanditgesellschaft
>  umgewandelt worden war, =FCbernahm Fraunhofer s=E4mtliche Anteile.

>[Fusion of GMD and Fraunhofer finally settled.  Fraunhofer has
> entirely taken over the former GMD]

1)	Don't trust Press releases that are set up by enemies (FhG in this case)
	I don't want to go into details, but from a legal point of view
	GMD is not jet FhG!

2)	This is a discussion triggered by a WIDI poll some days ago.
	If you like to have a fair discussion, you should rather check the
	legal state for this date.

>> Just a note: GMD is a non-profit organisation (approved by the German tax=
> office)

>There is no GMD anymore.

Right! At the moment we call "GMB Informationstechnik e.V. & Co. KG."
Nevertheless, we remain a non-profit organisation and we are not part of

The change to the new name has become valid with 20.7.2001 with a publishing
in "Bonner Generalanzeiger" (Page 20). As I am replying to a mail from
you send at 16.7.2001, you see, that your statements are wrong.

>>> Nobody in the (German) community trusts BERLIOS, probably due to a gut
>>> feelings.

>At least all the folks I know and that are quite some.

So I give you the advice to find better friends. People who make statements
like this are no help for the movement.

>>> One of the responsible persons there is attacking the GNU project
>>> everytime you mention the words GNU, EMACS or RMS, with total clueless
>>> and unfair accusations.

>> It is hard to respond to such fuzzy and indefinite statements, but I may
>> give you my toughts:

>J=F6rg, I didn't want to publish your name because we had a private
>conversation.  I could try to write up a memory protocol about this
>but your statements are too ridiculous to spend any more time on them.

If you like to show that you made ridiculous statements in this
discussion, feel free to write your memo, but I believe we should rather
not start to fight on personal affairs.


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