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Thu Jul 26 17:07:45 UTC 2001

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:18:08 +0200 (MEST), schilling  said:

> -	The most important one: GMD != Fraunhofer - Full Stop!

What about :

  Fusion von GMD und Fraunhofer endgültig vollzogen

  Die zunächst umstrittene Verschmelzung der GMD mit der Fraunhofer
  Gesellschaft ist jetzt rechtlich abgeschlossen. "Alle Rechte und
  Pflichten der früheren GMD sind auf die Fraunhofer Gesellschaft als
  Rechtsnachfolgerin übergegangen", heißt es in einer
  Mitteilung. Nachdem die GMD zunächst in eine Kommanditgesellschaft
  umgewandelt worden war, übernahm Fraunhofer sämtliche Anteile.

[Fusion of GMD and Fraunhofer finally settled.  Fraunhofer has
 entirely taken over the former GMD]

> Just a note: GMD is a non-profit organisation (approved by the German tax office)

There is no GMD anymore.

>> Nobody in the (German) community trusts BERLIOS, probably due to a gut
>> feelings.

At least all the folks I know and that are quite some.

>> One of the responsible persons there is attacking the GNU project
>> everytime you mention the words GNU, EMACS or RMS, with total clueless
>> and unfair accusations.

> It is hard to respond to such fuzzy and indefinite statements, but I may
> give you my toughts:

Jörg, I didn't want to publish your name because we had a private
conversation.  I could try to write up a memory protocol about this
but your statements are too ridiculous to spend any more time on them.



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