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MJ Ray wrote:

  Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

  > > 4. SOAP (one of the technologies associated with ".net" is just
  > > XML in a HTTP GET which is trivial and hardly worth being called a
  > > technology).
  > :-)  It is just a way to trick out firewalls; we will have a lot of
  > fun in the next years due to that "technology"

  Yow!  I hadn't "joined the dots" on this one and reached that obvious
  conclusion.  Is there an escape hatch to avoid this scenario, or are
  we now doomed?

** It has always been of interest to me that sysadmins think you
** can't write a program that scans a hard disk for stuff that
** looks like credit card numbers, and upload them to a hacker site
** in a HTTP GET packet.

  > Anyway, there are much nicer languages available than Java, C++ or
  > C#: ADA and TOM are just two examples of procedural languages.

  Procedural is dead.  (Well, as Java is dead, you know...)

** Since all languages are abstract forms, they can't possibly
** be anything other than dead in a strict biological sense.
** Anyway all existing languages are crap, you want to write programs
** in XML using a programming DTD that encourages entry of test vectors
** with the code, and functional spec comments with the code.
** (I have a prototype one if anyone is interested). Alternatively
** just use UML, and use DIA2CODE to create java, then compile to
** bytecode or native in GCJ.

Jeff Davies

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