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Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:

  On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 10:22:43AM +0200, Josef Dalcolmo wrote:
  > home at alexhudson.com said:
  > > I personally think the Win2k install is very easy, esp. compared
  > > Debian. I would rate the Debian install as marginally harder than
  > > Win95. Certainly, ...

  > better compare Debian with Win2000 + Office2000 + MS C++. There
Debian wins on
  > the development tools side (I think), but looses on the day to day
  > tools (Even though I am not a fan of MS Word).

  Just add Star/Open Office and you can't loose.
  Where it *really* loses is i18n.

i18n - this is a large collection of pre-unicode code pages is it not
(see i18n.jar in java 1.3).
Does Star/Open office support Unicode?
(the "versions" of unicode 2.0, 3.1 are just where ever more extensive
characters have been
defined in the giant table of codes - there are no changes to the
"Translation Format" ie the binary
format of unicode, and probably never will be).
Certainly it seems a lot of linux supports unicode. (including the
Do youself a favour, convert all text from old codepages to Unicode in
UTF8 format.

attached is my java applet/source to (using java 1.3's brilliant
i18n.jar) convert text between just about any
code page. This is a command line utility, so run it using:

java charCodeConverter

no parameters prints the help text.
Note - using the "FOR" statement in WinNT4 machines you can run a batch
command recursively stepping
down a tree of directories, or using the lines in a file, or the output
of another command, just like in Linux's
bash, so I haven't bothered to create a filetree walker.

Jeff Davies

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