Very Worried at MS .net

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Fri Jul 20 12:54:32 UTC 2001

Probably this is not the right forum to have detailed
discussion about programming languages.

If you want my _personal_ opinion 
without much further discussion on the points already raised:

* Wide distribution of a language does not always relate 
to the quality of it. C++, Java, V-Basic are widely distributed. 
C# sharp probably will be. 

* Free Software programming language choices have to take additional 
special requirements into account. This is why:
C still is the main Free Software language.  
C++, Java and Python are coming.

* There is no good reason to choose a language where Free Software
tools are not yet fully available and specifications are in flux: 
Java, V-Basic and C# therefore are suboptimal choices.

* I prefer Python, Objective-C and C in this order. 
	Java could be okay if gcc, japhar, kaffee and classpath 
	are on paar with the proprietory implementations.

(Werner: Gnustep is Objective-C bound as GNOME is C bound...
 this is no drawback.)

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