Very Worried at MS .net

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Jul 20 12:09:52 UTC 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:46:40 +0100, Jeff Davies said:

> b.) java jobs pay about double the c++ rate. (GBP 50k versus GBP 25k).

Oh dear.  No wonder that there is so much crappy and insecure software
out.  Writing systems in C [++] needs a lot more experience than Java
where the compiler can do a much better job validating the ocde.  C is
nothing more than portable Assembler.

> c.) There are about infinity percent more java jobs than C sharp/.NET (do a
> search)

Have been in a book store yesterday and figured out that there are
already a lot of books on this vaporware - you will see that in a
year C# will be mainstream.  Remember how fast Java got a market share
- even with the restrictive Sun policy?  C# will soon be an ECMA
standard and that in turn will mean that ISO is not far away.

> 1. java is used just about everywhere XML is used.

I don't think so.  See GNOME, see KDE there are not many Java apps for
them but they make heavy use of XML dataformats.

> 4. SOAP (one of the technologies associated with ".net" is just XML in a
> HTTP GET which is
> trivial and hardly worth being called a technology).

:-)  It is just a way to trick out firewalls; we will have a lot of
fun in the next years due to that "technology"

> On what basis did you base your opinion that Java was dead, when there are
> more java programmers in the world
> than any other type of programmer? Please note programmers working on Off

Jumping from one language to another isn't that hard.  Let's check the
job offers agains in a year.

Anyway, there are much nicer languages available than Java, C++ or
C#: ADA and TOM are just two examples of procedural languages.  



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