gnu.fsf.europe.* newsgroups

Imran Ghory ImranG at
Sun Jul 8 14:36:27 UTC 2001

On 8 Jul 2001, at 13:30, kyrah at wrote:
>  I've just discussed the newsgroup idea with some of the FSFE 
> people here at Stuttgart, and we've come to the conclusion that it's
> probably the best idea to start with having "only" gnu.fsf.europe and
> create more localized newsgroups only when we need them (because there
> is probably a lot more traffic concerning topics that are important to
> more than one country... and nothing prevents us from further
> extending the hierarchy later). gnu.fsf.europe seems to be good, too,
> because we hope that gnu.fsf.japan and africa etc. will follow :) and
> we should plan for the future :)
> Imran, I propose that I introduce you to Brad and we set everything
> up, and inform everyone else when we have results.... if that's okay
> for you.

That's fine with me.

Imran Ghory

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