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kyrah at kyrah at
Sun Jul 8 11:30:07 UTC 2001

Hi :)

	I've just discussed the newsgroup idea with some of the FSFE 
people here at Stuttgart, and we've come to the conclusion that it's
probably the best idea to start with having "only" gnu.fsf.europe and
create more localized newsgroups only when we need them (because there
is probably a lot more traffic concerning topics that are important
to more than one country... and nothing prevents us from further 
extending the hierarchy later). gnu.fsf.europe seems to be good, too,
because we hope that gnu.fsf.japan and africa etc. will follow :) and
we should plan for the future :)

Imran, I propose that I introduce you to Brad and we set everything up,
and inform everyone else when we have results.... if that's okay for you.

Greetings from LinuxTag Stuttgart.

Karin "kyrah" Kosina (logged in to some box where I have no gpg, so sorry
for not signing this).

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