Other countries (was: Re: FSF UK?)

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 21:54:14 UTC 2001

Andrew Simmons <asimmons at RedHotChilli.com> writes:
> >The only other structures which I am aware of are the uklugs group. 
> >I think that LUGs here are reaching a fairly stable point and some
> >sort of central FS support body would be welcomed by them.  
> Let's not forget the many Perl Monger groups in the UK, and in 
> many other European countries.

Thank you for reminding me.  Do you have contact with these groups?
What is the attitude within it towards Free Software and the FSF?  I'm
not programming in Perl that much any more, so haven't been watching
events in that community.

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