Anja's sketches and logo considerations

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Jan 2 09:54:46 UTC 2001

The Logo very important for the FSFE.

Due to lack of time I am only tracking the logo discussions with
a half eye. Partly because I cannot do everything and partly because
there are competent people here, which will come up with a good logo.

From what I have seen there are very nice and profound ideas around.
Unfortunatly of all drafts I have seen:

only the last one Anja [1] is small and simple enough to be usable.
We need a logo which can be understood in max. 100x100 pixel _on screen_.
It would be a huge advantage to even have it smaller or have a small
version with even less details.

This hold without looking at the symbolic content of the picture.

To use the logo in print usually leaves room for more details, but
we need it on websites, computer printers (faxes). 
So I guess that we need simpler drafts or a generally different
directions for our ideas.



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