Other countries (was: Re: FSF UK?)

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 21:59:25 UTC 2001

"Alex Hudson" <home at alexhudson.com> writes:

> Yep, there are a lot of LUGs. Wylug, Manlug, Sheflug, Lonix, Glug, etc,
> being among the bigger OTTOMH. I think they'd certainly welcome a national
> body, but certainly I don't think they'd go for the idea of a national LUG -
> there's no real need for one. Most consider UKUUG to be enough.

Oh no, I wasn't meaning a national LUG.  Indeed, I've recently been
speaking out against a regional LUG for southern England, which is an
area already well served by LUGs, including some which really need the
help of fresh hands rather than competition from a regional group.
Ironic when you consider that I helped to create the regional LUG for
East Anglia.

I was more fishing for national-level organisations which would be
good springboard and supporters for a FS body in the UK.  My idea of
UKUUG is very much more as a pragmatic body than an advocacy one.  Is
that accurate?  How many members are in their FS group?

> And there certainly aren't many GNU/Linux Users Groups ;))

No, but ALUG is definitely interested in GNU as a whole and Linux and
Hurd in particular.  I seem to recall other LUGs having talks on Hurd

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