Other countries (was: Re: FSF UK?)

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Tue Jan 2 19:51:13 UTC 2001

> There have been isolated projects concerning the use of Free Software
> in various fields, but I don't yet know of any united organisation for
> them.  I'll ask around and see if anyone here does.

AFAIK, there isn't, certainly not one of any importance (there may be small
ones making some claim to the title, or new groups, I don't think there's
any with large membership). There is the UKUUG, UK Unix Users Group, which
has a section for Free OS users, but it's not especially Free software

> The only other structures which I am aware of are the uklugs group.  I
> think that LUGs here are reaching a fairly stable point and some sort
> of central FS support body would be welcomed by them.  It may even be
> possible for uklugs to become such a body, but that depends on their
> philosophical viewpoint, I guess (I think we need GNU
> "fundamentalists" more than Linux pragmatists).  Again, I'll ask.

Yep, there are a lot of LUGs. Wylug, Manlug, Sheflug, Lonix, Glug, etc,
being among the bigger OTTOMH. I think they'd certainly welcome a national
body, but certainly I don't think they'd go for the idea of a national LUG -
there's no real need for one. Most consider UKUUG to be enough.

And there certainly aren't many GNU/Linux Users Groups ;))



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