FSF Europe ThankGNUs Policy 2002

Henrion Benjamin bh at udev.org
Sun Dec 30 20:59:50 UTC 2001

Georg C. F. Greve <greve at gnu.org> [011230]:
> Updated web pages for this are prepared and online at
>  http://fsfeurope.org/help/donate-2002.html
> Translating them into other languages might be useful.

I've seen on the webpage that you can transfer directky to one bank
account in Germany, or send a check instead. Is it possible to pay by
Paypal? I think that Paypal is well used on the net...

Another problem is that, for small transfers, europeans banks (still) takes
fees when you make a transfer in a bank account of another country. I don't
know how much they are, but it could be a "brake" for small amounts of

What do you think of the idea of setting up a bank account in every
country where there's a national Chapter? I don't know how the FSF
Europe works for the moment about the money, so...

Happy new year,


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