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Sun Dec 23 15:39:00 UTC 2001

>From: "Wim De Smet" <wdesmet at>

>I'd like to draw some attention to a news message I read. It's on a bit =
>of a free software unfriendly site (zdnet belgium).


>It's in dutch, and gives some details about a new cd, that will be =
>protected by cactus data shield technology. What's so bad about this, is =
>that it's a propietary format that will only play on a specialised =
>player in Windows. No mac or gnu/linux support. In my eyes this is =
>extremely bad. The 'experiment' will be carried out in the US and off =
>course the program etc. fall under DMCA. I think this is a good example =
>of the reasons why DMCA should be abolished. If more record companies go =
>this way, eventually we will be unable to buy cd's anymore.

Your reaction is completely off topic!

-	These disks are not CD's... They in most cases do not carry a
	compact disk logo.

-	The junk *.exe in the the second session does not give
	you access to the to full quality audio data so the company that 
	made the disk did trick you. Take the disk back to the dealer and 
	get your money back.

	If you complain about the .exe to be only of use in M$ boxes
	you already have been trapped by companies like BMG.

-	The CD may be copied with the latest cdda2wav (part of cdrtools)
	if you use a Plextor Plex-40. Future versions of cdrtools
	will copy the disk with any Plextor drive

The correct reaction is:

-	make a copy of the content of the CD (you have the right to do this)!

-	Take the disk back to the dealer and get your money back.

-	Tell the dealer that you will sue him if he continues to put
	those falsified CD's at the same place as real CD's.

-	make this reaction as public a possible.

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