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Hi Alexandre,

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 ad> There is a possibility. We have an A.S.B.L. in Belgium, the AEL
 ad> (Association Electronique Libre). The purpose of the association:
 ad> it's to support Libre software and Libre concept in general.  All
 ad> the activists are clearly engaged in free software.


The first step to get involved in the FSF Europe for this association
would be to apply for "associate organization" status (like APRIL or
AsSoLi). From your description and a quick glance at the web page,
your organization appears to be a very good candidate.

Then we can start working together and get to know each other. I'm
sure we will be able to arrange a meeting next year and then we can
discuss further steps.

As a first step you should consult with your members whether the
majority wants to work together with / get involved in the work of the
FSF Europe. Then the legal representative of your association should
send email to <team at> applying for associate organization


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