SmoothWall Lada sourcecode

Alex Hudson home at
Wed Aug 29 23:33:45 UTC 2001


No doubt everyone has been following the SmoothWall 'story' with interest. I
think the matter is now almost resolved, if not entirely. To quote Lawrence
Manning, at his request:

> SmoothWall past, present and future will always be GPL, regardless of our
> employers actions.  We (the team) believe in the GPL and are proud that
> our project will always be free.  And this comes from the lead programmer.

Lawrence got in contact with me after my post about the 0.9.9b source
release that had been made - I commented that it wasn't a full source - and
has advised me of the latest download URL:


I haven't checked it thoroughly, since I'm willing to take Lawrence's word
for it, but it looks right. More importantly, they have affirmed their
commitment to the GPL, and it looks like this has been pretty much a
misunderstanding that turned sour, rather than anything more sinister (and I
have to admit myself, after seeing things like the anti-trademark plea from
Richard this last July I was worried for the SmoothWall team). I've also
offered my services in an email to Lawrence to be of assistance if they do
need any extra help to keep with the letter of the GPL as well as the spirit

I will also add that Richard & Lawrence have indicated that they are
definitely receptive to ongoing discussion, so we can tie up any loose ends,
but also make sure this doesn't happen again - we definitely need to keep
clear the communication channels, I think.



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