American Linux Magazine on Free Software and Open Source

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Wed Aug 29 18:34:06 UTC 2001

> I got an issue of the american Linux Magazine (August 2001) here in
> Germany. Under section "In the trenches" on page 20 is an article called
> "Taking the 'Free' Out of Open Source" from Sam Ockman.
> In this article Sam Ockman tries to motivate people to use the term "Open
> Source" instead of "Free Software". [...]

Yes, it's sad. It's a sad article because it really has nothing
interesting to say, and sounds like unneeded polemics, leaving a bad
taste in the readership. That's independent of the side that it takes,
just publishing something about either side is bad, in my opinion, as
there is no ongoing discussion in these pages.

I just don't understand the move. On the other hand, the same issue
of linux-mag has another interesting pair of pages: an adv by microsoft
at pages 12-13, where they advertize "free-like-beer" stuff :)
Just funny.


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