Collaborative Virtual Workspace License (CVW)

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 js> If your stapement was true, then FSF would have no need to insist
 js> in the copyright assignement.

The FSF does not insist on the copyright assignment (several GNU
Projects do not have their copyright assigned to the FSF), although it
is strongly recommended for two major reasons:

 1. Only if the FSF has the copyright assigned it can go and defend
    GNU software in court for you: only the copyright-holder can go to

 2. The "or any later version" clause is not possible in many
    countries (including most European ones). Therefore only the
    copyright holder can release software under an updated (L)GPL.

    Otherwise software might simply lose its legal protection without
    the FSF being able to restore it when a license problem arises.

A copyright assignment to the FSF increases the security of Free
Software for everyone. It isn't required but strongly recommended.


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