LinuxTag 2001 - volunteers needed

Martin Schulze joey at
Tue Apr 17 17:03:45 UTC 2001

Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
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>  || On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 00:16:57 +0200
>  || Klaus Schilling <pessy at> wrote:=20
>  ks> why is the linuxtag at the same day as the meeting in bordeaux?
> Essentially bad coordination on part of the organizators. The LinuxTag
> has been around that time for four or five years now and they say that
> noone contacted them for coordination with the LSM. But also they
> apparently didn't do anything to coordinate with the LSM themselves.=20

We coordinated with the date for the Debian Meeting held at LSM though...

> This is really bad and shouldn't happen again, I agree.

Best would be to move LSM away from summer, LinuxTag has some constraints
so it can't move.  I guess LSM has also some constraints though.

> The FSF Europe will split itself between the events (member-wise) and
> be present at both.=20

Should be no problem, should it?



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