LinuxTag 2001 - volunteers needed

Georg Jakob jack at
Mon Apr 16 18:31:04 UTC 2001


On 16 Apr 2001, Georg C. F. Greve kindly wrote:

> But a booth requires work and (extremely important) volunteers to man
> this booth, because nothing looks worse than an empty booth. So we are
> looking for volunteers willing to man the FSF Europe booth during the
> LinuxTag 2001. The perfect case would be to have 2-3 people there at
> all time and if you want to help the FSF Europe, this would be a good
> place to start.

Me and 3 other Persons from Salzburg will be at the Linuxtag for two days.
At the moment, i can only speek for myself, but you can count on me at
least for one day - Saturday?

> I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend,

You too - all of you ;-)


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