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Pim van Riezen pi at vuurwerk.nl
Mon Nov 27 11:16:33 UTC 2000

Good day,

The announcement of FSFE coincided conveniently with the instigation on my
part to get the Dutch industry involved with the ongoing patent lobby. I am
the coordinator of the development efforts of Vuurwerk Internet, currently
one of the largest hosting ISPs in the Benelux. Our company is dedicated to
delivering any produced software under the GPL flag, because we believe that
the industry, especially in Europe, cannot afford to let their business be
sidetracked by the waste of resources that goes into proprietary software

We believe in free software as an answer to a lot of the growth problems of
the ICT industry on both a national and a European scale and feel it is our
moral obligation to make that point both politically and in actions. Our
currently distributed free software can be found on http://www.tarball.net/
for those interested.

I perceive FSFE to be a solid platform for us and likeminded people to get
organized and increase our political leverage and we would like to be
closely involved in its organization. If necessary, we can provide the
project with free bandwidth and webspace, of course, aswell as contribute in
other ways.


Pim van Riezen

Head of Development
Vuurwerk Internet

I need an enemy.

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