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On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 11:43:05PM -0000, Alex Hudson wrote:
> It was never based on 12 countries. I believe it was used even before there
> were twelve members? I think it was also adopted partly for the properties
> of symmetry that it has, and that kind of symbolism.
> Cheers,
> Alex.
> > I used to think that the 12 stars represented the 12 countries but
> > apparently it's based on an old heraldic symbol and will not change as
> > countries are added as happened recently.
> >

Well, I could be severely wrong here, but I always took it for the 12
countries, mainly because I remeber that Portugal was one of the
countries that entered the then EEC and that was just about the time
that the flag with the 12 stars appeared; it can be all a coincidence,
but the fact that for so many yers the EEC was referenced as 'the
twelve' doesn't really help.  As heraldry goes, it is indeed an old
heraldic costume to use stars as a device; to my knowledge, however,
there wasn't any similar design that in any way represented Europe at
the time. Mind you, I'm talking about this just for the sake of it, it
really doesn't reflect on wheter or not FSF Europe should use it in a



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