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Frederico S. Mu�oz fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Dec 23 00:30:21 UTC 2000

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 11:44:38PM +0100, Pim van Riezen wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Frederico S. Muñoz wrote:
> > Indeed.... although the 12 stars no longer represent each country and
> > will contiune to be twelve they are still the symbol of the
> > EU. Russia, some blatic countries, even some northern vountries IIRC
> > are not EU.
> I thought the 12 stars signified the number of members of European
> Parliament it took to change a lightbulb? :)

> > Well, I'm also for straight and simple logos, and I'm all for the
> > original FSF logo. The fact that this is an European org. should be
> > quite simple to see if we add 'Europe' to it; still, as I see things
> > the majority seems to like more complex and symbolic logos and I won't
> > argue with that.
> Yes and no. The FSF operates in the United States. The cultural and
> political climate there is not the same as here. This may mean we need
> different imagery to portray the same ideals. Admittedly the Gnu is a
> nobel animal and should not be lightly shoved aside, if at all.

Well, the FSF logo really isn't a gnu, it's the letters FSF in a
01010101 background. 

As for cultural diffenreces you are right of course, but o what extent
foes that has a reflect on a logo it's my only doubt. The FSF logo
(and the GNU Project logo) have nothing in them that makes them from
the USA. We should fo course try to show that we are from Europe, but

I don't know if making that statment the main concern while designing
a logo is the route to take (prolly is, but I'm not yet convinced :));
by absurd we could have a logo with 12 stars, the flags of the
countries, the Goddess Europa and EUROPE written in Arial Black 40
beneath :))))

As for the gnu, I think that one is really a must... I mean, if the
FSF-Europe is 'the sister organization of FSF in Europe' then, althogh
the geo and cultural integration is different the symbols have still
to relate, or ppl will be able to tell that we are very European but
won't relate us to the FSF (I don't what if this is what is intended
though, but I think it is, the name FSF kind of gives it away :) )

Anyway, in the end one will have to choose from what looks good on a
logo and leave all the other considerations; if twelve stars look
better than any other alternative, and if a totally distinctive logo
is needed, that the choice will be easier.



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