Missing the point - Re: Tax-deductability of donation in Europe

Wim Crols wim.crols at elias.be
Tue Dec 19 07:48:21 UTC 2000

Andy Fletcher wrote:
> The important thing is to get started and provide a focus for future
> developments.  If the original organisation proves to be restricted or
> unsuitable in some form then it is easy enough to wind it up and transfer
> the assets to the successor.

I think the important thing is to get started the best way possible,
means think before you act.
Don't put up an organisation and afterwards say damn it could have been
better when you know in advance what way you are going.

If you design software you also start from all requirements needed and
a subset of those and say if we need the other requirements we just

> I am willing to do whatever is most helpful to FSF-Europe, my problem is
> trying to work out what that is...

Same for me

Wim Crols
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