continuing OS vs FS (was: Information about the Free Software

Brian Gough bjg at
Tue Dec 5 13:11:03 UTC 2000

> I would suggest others to do the same in their languages...
> unfortunately, UK (ang germans afaik) don't have such a word to use, ...
> but in this case, why not use "Libre software"... as we did for the
> Libre Software Meeting, last year in Bordeaux (with RMS approval on that
> term, btw ;) : ?

There is a basic problem with the term 'libre software' in the UK.

It's embarassing to admit ...  but I don't really know how to
pronounce the word 'libre' properly.  And I wouldn't be entirely sure
which language it comes from either.  And if I didn't know about free
software, I wouldn't know what it meant.

So, there are a few minor barriers to using that term here ;-)


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