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Olivier Berger oberger at
Mon Dec 4 22:12:34 UTC 2000

Alex Hudson a écrit :
> > This way, the french people involved in the FSFE effort should propagate
> > the "logiciel libre" (or libre logiciel) term, which explains clearly
> > that freedom what it's all about.
> Is this actually the case? I do hope so, although my French is not
> sufficiently good to recognise it ;)) To me, "logiciel libre" could also
> have other implications - to an Englishmen's ears something like that has a
> more similar meaning to something such as "animaux libre" (help! the
> chickens have escaped!!), etc. ;)) It sounds like the software has escaped
> and is running around ;)) But as I said, that's probably my poor French!!

Interesting comment indeed... Well... actually, I don't think that one
would really see the logiciel libre as a logiciel which has escaped
(fear !)... but who knows what lambda user will imagine ;) with all
these viruses around, better be carefull... What if crazy cows had
contaminated software !! ... time to switch off :)

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