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Michael Bracker mbracker at
Fri Dec 1 15:32:20 UTC 2000

hi Alessandro & *,

Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > What about an IRC channel where we could discuss in real-time?
> No, thanks. This requires people being online and leaves no written
> record.  IRC is not for serious discussion or serious people, in my
> opinion.

I can understand your point of view. I also think it isn't really an
option to discuss serious matters with _many_ people. I do think it is
useful for something you could call meetings of a smaller group talking
about certain issues. As long as you can involve _all_ the people needed
(and this doesn't happen too often - I can understand) IRC is a very
useful way of communicating.

I would suggest to have some times (Like ;) set where the
chance is higher to meet people of the same interest over there (e.g.
8pm GMT every Monday, Thursday, Saturday ...). 

A statement of this kind would be probably more useful than a general
channel on IRC where you (as a non-IRC-er) wouldn't (want to?)

BTW. written record: this problemd can be dealed with (i.e. a bot

have a great day,
Mike (aka mag - an IRC-er)

Michael Bracker  - if it is to be
Bavaria, Germany - it is up to me

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