[Fellowship Zurich] FSFE Online Umfrage

Gian-Maria Daffré giammi at fsfe.org
Fr Sep 25 12:18:28 UTC 2020


Alex Sander, Policy Manager bei der FSFE hat eine Online-Umfrage
erstellt. Ziel ist es Feedback/Verbesserungsvorschläge zu den
Kampagnen/Aktivitäten der FSFE zu erhalten.

Der Fragebogen kann hier ausgefüllt und/oder weiterverteilt werden.




Dear Reader,

in order to evaluate our policy activities with our community FSFE’s
Policy Manager Alexander Sander created a survey in order to ask you how
you think about our activities. We want to know how our campaigns and
activities can be improved and where and how you want to get active.
This will give FSFE the chance to adapt our current campaigns but also
learn for new ones.

They survey should not take longer than 15 Minutes unless there is a
very comprehensive response in the free fields. It would be nice if you
could take part until 11.10.2020.

You will find the survey here: https://survey.fsfe.org/index.php/776987

It would be great if you could help us to share this survey with all
FSFE contributors you know, especially within your local groups, working
teams or country team. Even if you or the contributors are not active or
not interested in political activities, it would help us if you and
other contributors could participate because this also helps us to
better understand our community.


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