[WikiCaretakers] country teams mixed with other teams

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Sun Jan 17 21:59:33 UTC 2021


Am Donnerstag, 14. Jänner 2021, 23:14:04 CET schrieb Florian Snow:
> Johannes Zarl-Zierl <johannes at zarl-zierl.at> writes:
> > IMO "country teams" should be displayed on the Teams page, maybe
> > distinctly
> > from the topical teams.
> I agree, but I have no strong feelings about having them on the local
> groups page either, as long as they're listed separately.  I mean it's
> possible that someone wants to start a local group and their best point
> of contact is the country team.  So either way makes sense to me.
> I think the reason for the mix may be that Jonas at some point asked us
> to combine country teams and local groups.  I remember arguing that they
> were serving different functions.  But it doesn't matter now I guess if
> it's confusing.

I'm not really in the mood to tinker too much with the page structure right 
now, so I left it as is for now. The question remains what to do with the 
awkward split of country teams into LocalGroups and Teams.

> > Maybe the local groups could be moved below the "Teams" page as well, but
> > I'd like to hear other opinions on that...
> I think that might be a nice solution.  The lists are not very long
> anyway and that way, we get what I mentioned above if someone needs a
> local point of contact and perhaps there is no nearby local group or so.

Thinking about it again I'm doubting my previous opinion. Maybe the cleanest 
solution would be to just move the country teams that are currently below 
Teams into LocalGroups and focus Teams on topical teams only.

> > Finally, we could possibly hide the inactive local groups in a sub-page,
> > like we do with inactive teams.
> That makes sense to me.  There's no good reason to handle that
> differently here.



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