[WikiCaretakers] Intern for (DE) elections

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Tue May 16 10:25:40 CEST 2017

Hi Max,

On 11.05.2017 17:48, Max Mehl wrote:
> # Max Mehl [2017-03-25 22:33 +0100]:
>> I've put the call on following platforms:
> For future openings, I've created a wiki page with all the platforms
> I've sent the offer to:
>  https://wiki.fsfe.org/Internal/InternshipDatabases
> Let's extend the list with upcoming experiences!

good idea, thank you very much!

Another thing:
we somehow should think about a good index or other form of overview
about the content inside our wiki to not lose information or duplicate
pages because we are not aware of already existing pages.

Using the search-function is not enough I think, because although it
might work good to find information, you sometimes need to know first
that a particular information exists before you can search for it.

I therefore propose to have an index-page on
https://wiki.fsfe.org/Internal/ that lists all subpages. For practical
reasons it should happen automatically and topically ordered at the same
time. I can imagine it will not work to achieve both goals in one, but
how can we come closest to such a solution?


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