[WikiCaretakers] wiki.fsfe.org NTP out of sync

Thomas Doczkal mailinglist at doczkal.de
Tue Jul 11 21:29:50 CEST 2017

On 07/11/2017 05:18 PM, Paul Hänsch wrote:
> Thanks for looking into it.

I installed ntpdate
11 Jul 21:19:02 ntpdate[21472]: step time server offset
449.616619 sec

and openntpd to synchronize the clock on a regular base. From now on we
shouldn't have problems any time soon. Just synchronization and no ntpd
listening port enabled. Synchronization configured for

While installing the package I would like to stress that there are 41
Packages outstanding. While I'll be in the office late to do a
maintenance windows for one of the Linux servers connected to the
internet there I might find time to install updates here as well.

How is the rule of thumb regarding reboots of virtual servers?
Who has to be informed with how much time in advance?


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