[WikiCaretakers] what happens with "migrated" ?

Paul Hänsch paul at fsfe.org
Wed Feb 22 21:14:55 CET 2017

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 10:19:25PM +0100, Erik Albers wrote:
> I am confused. I mean I know that we migrated the wiki and adding /Migrated/
> into the URL was a (necessary) technical solution for something.

There has been _nothing_ technical about this decision!

We put all pages there because their location did not adher to any sensible
system, and hence they were impossible to find. Half of the pages there should
not have been written, because they were redundant versions of other pages,
even at the time.

Think of the Migrated section as a scrapyard.

> But now, it
> makes me wonder when we will get rid of it again? So when will
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/KnowledgeBase
> be again
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/KnowledgeBase ?

Last year we decided on distinct top level sections and their names. You made
proposals yourself, and can make further ones at any time.

In this case the name itself is redundant to one of:


The subpages of KnowledgeBase probably need to be sortet out among those
three, the main KnowledgeBase page can probably be deleted. It seems you are
the best qualified to say, what makes sense.

> I also wonder because when I add more information now inside, it automatically
> still does put /Migrated/ into the URL. For example I just wanted to create
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/KnowledgeBase/Internal
> but it automatically changes it into
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/KnowledgeBase/Internal
> To avoid to create more and more "migrated" content I wonder when we will have
> the pages in their original URIs and if there is something we can do to
> support it?

Actually you are supposed to support us here. And you are right, you should
indeed not create new content under Migrated.

Instead, move the pages somewhere sensible, before adding anything.
Do this by selecting "Rename Page" from the drop down menu at the top right of
the page content.

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