[WikiCaretakers] what happens with "migrated" ?

Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at fsfe.org
Thu Feb 16 00:32:08 CET 2017

Hi Erik,

On Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017 22:19:25 CET Erik Albers wrote:
> So when will
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/KnowledgeBase
> be again
> 	https://wiki.fsfe.org/KnowledgeBase ?

As far as I can remember from last year, never. Or to put it in a more 
constructive way: What's the difference between KnowledgeBase and KnowHow?

If there's no clear distinction between those two we should get rid of one or 
the other.

The page description reads quite ambitious:
"Please find a list of all documentation inside the FSFE wiki in this 
Knowledge Base. This shall be like a front-page of information and should be 
updated every time a new documentation is added inside the wiki."

Does this mean this should be an annotated version of SiteNavigation?

> I also wonder because when I add more information now inside, it
> automatically still does put /Migrated/ into the URL.

Actually, it's not automatically put into Migrated, but Migrated/KnowledgeBase 
is still the page location and KnowledgeBase is just a server-side redirect to 

> To avoid to create more and more "migrated" content I wonder when we will
> have the pages in their original URIs and if there is something we can do
> to support it?

I would like to propose the following procedure:

1. Determine whether KnowledgeBase and KnowHow should both be top level 
2. Replace the existing redirection to Migrated/KnowledgeBase
   either by renaming Migrated/KnowlegeBase to the root namespace,
   or by a redirection to /KnowHow
3. Merge contents of the two pages, delete the now redundant one

How does this sound?


Johannes Zarl-Zierl
FSFE local group Linz, Team Austria
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