[WikiCaretakers] what happens with "migrated" ?

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Wed Feb 15 22:19:25 CET 2017

Hey all,

I am confused. I mean I know that we migrated the wiki and adding /Migrated/
into the URL was a (necessary) technical solution for something. But now, it
makes me wonder when we will get rid of it again? So when will


be again

	https://wiki.fsfe.org/KnowledgeBase ?

I also wonder because when I add more information now inside, it automatically
still does put /Migrated/ into the URL. For example I just wanted to create


but it automatically changes it into


To avoid to create more and more "migrated" content I wonder when we will have
the pages in their original URIs and if there is something we can do to
support it?


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