[WikiCaretakers] Wiki Sprint 2017?

Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at fsfe.org
Sat Feb 11 00:23:48 CET 2017

On Freitag, 10. Februar 2017 22:50:20 CET Paul Hänsch wrote:
> > - many people seem to find the syntax hard to use
> > - missing timezone support
> Do you have a particular syntax in mind?

I think that question is wrong :P
For most people a form-based approach would be better suited than writing 
free-form text with a special syntax.

IMO the syntax is decent and quite basic. It's just that people(tm) are not 
good at writing text in any predefined format. During last year's sprint I 
fixed all "broken" event pages - there were quite a few subtle ways in which 
people got the syntax wrong. I know that the old calendar plugin had a 
different syntax, but quite a few of these pages were probably incorrect even 
with the old plugin.

> > - no automatic sync to eal's event form
> Oh well, actually there is one!
> It is implemented in the website builder and can aggregate any collection of
> <<EventCalendar>> formatted event entries. However since Erik wants entries
> to be moderated before transfer to the website, the "automatism" is idle in
> practice.

So this seems to be a question of policy and work-flow, then...

> An example to use it would be
> http://wiki.fsfe.org/Events/Published.
> (Its counterpart is: https://svn.fsfe.org/fsfe-web/trunk/events/Makefile)

By "counterpart" you mean that events from the website can be pushed to the 
wiki calendar?

> Without free access it makes more sense to use the websites own event
> announcement because it is translatable. This is one reason why I brought up
> the point of translatablility again.

I'm just going to pretend this can of worms isn't open and silently back out 
of the room...
Silliness aside: yes, that's an important topic that still needs solving.

> > All in all I think this warrants a reevaluation whether another
> > (standalone?) calendar/event page would be a better fit, or if the
> > EventCalendar plugin is still the best solution all-in-all.
> A completely different approach would be to have a plugin, that aggregates
> external iCal feeds, and have it display the feed from the website in
> addition to event feeds from the wiki. Those were to be produced by yet a
> different plugin.
> I do not think though, we will be able to call upon any existing plugin for
> any of the mentioned improvements.

I'm not sure a solution needs to be *that* complex: "have it display [...] 
event feeds from the wiki" would not be required of a solution that replaces 
the wiki event calendar.
Whatever we do, we should not increase the number of total calendar systems.


Johannes Zarl-Zierl
FSFE Gruppe Linz, Team Austria
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