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Paul Hänsch paul at fsfe.org
Fri Feb 10 22:50:20 CET 2017

On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 05:53:49PM +0100, Johannes Zarl-Zierl wrote:
> Regarding the EventCalendar:
> I'm not sure if I can share your (basically) positive assessment of the 
> plugin. You already mentioned the ical export as a missing feature, but that's 
> only the tip of the iceberg:

> - the EventCalendar needs explicit cache cleaning

  wget --user-agent="" -qO- "https://wiki.fsfe.org/Events?action=refresh"

This is different from our first idea to delete the cache on disk. I came up
with it while working on something else, and I have not set it up on the
server yet.

> - many people seem to find the syntax hard to use
> - missing timezone support

Do you have a particular syntax in mind?

> - inability to import external event sources

> - missing ical feed (just mentioning this again - probably already part of 
> your point "ical export + rss feed")

Outputting a document which is not HTML and does not bear the Moin headers and
footers is different from a macro (I think it would be an "action" or so). So
this would in any case need a plugin that is different from the tabular display
of entries on a page.

> - no automatic sync to eal's event form

Oh well, actually there is one!
It is implemented in the website builder and can aggregate any collection of
<<EventCalendar>> formatted event entries. However since Erik wants entries to
be moderated before transfer to the website, the "automatism" is idle in
practice. An example to use it would be http://wiki.fsfe.org/Events/Published.

(Its counterpart is: https://svn.fsfe.org/fsfe-web/trunk/events/Makefile)

Without free access it makes more sense to use the websites own event
announcement because it is translatable. This is one reason why I brought up
the point of translatablility again.

> Disclaimer: I'm not sure every single point of these even needs fixing, but 
> these are the complaints that I remember hearing.
> All in all I think this warrants a reevaluation whether another (standalone?) 
> calendar/event page would be a better fit, or if the EventCalendar plugin is 
> still the best solution all-in-all.

A completely different approach would be to have a plugin, that aggregates
external iCal feeds, and have it display the feed from the website in addition
to event feeds from the wiki. Those were to be produced by yet a different

I do not think though, we will be able to call upon any existing plugin for
any of the mentioned improvements.

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