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Ashkar Dev ashkardev at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 11:07:05 UTC 2020

This website provides codes the public codes are MIT licensed, and MIT
license gives permission to sublicense means adding my own license to the
used codes,

but they say these:

1- what does this mean from the terms (Public Pens you build on CodePen are MIT
licensed <https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT>, meaning other people are
free to use it for whatever they like as long as that is also MIT licensed.)

2- what does this mean from the licensing (Anyone can use the code you put
on CodePen for whatever they wish – but if they do – that code also must
have this same license. This is to encourage open sharing of code.)

Terms page: https://blog.codepen.io/documentation/terms-of-service/

License page: https://blog.codepen.io/documentation/licensing/

If I use a public pen code in my project and modify it, they require that
the modified code also must be MIT licensed?
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