[REUSE] How to comply to FSF Free Software Directory?

Rijk Ravestein rijkr at datraverse.com
Tue Oct 20 09:07:02 UTC 2020


I made all projects at https://gitlab.com/savapage REUSE
compliant. As I understood, the COPYING file in the root directory is
not needed anymore, because it is replaced by the /LICENSES directory.
Also, the LICENSE.spdx file contains "PackageLicenseDeclared:
AGPL-3.0-or-later". Therefore I removed the COPYING file from each project.

Now, the admin of the https://directory.fsf.org who is evaluating
SavaPage submission, states:

"1. please create a text file named COPYING inside the root of each
module, fill it with an integral copy of the license under which its
shipped. The file must contain only a license, unaltered;"

Above that ...

"2. please ensure all hidden files are under the same license of the
package and if not change the headers;
3. please ensure that /LICENSES/ contains only free software licenses
and only the licenses used in the module;"

Since I made sure that all projects passed the "reuse lint" test, I am
in doubt how to (additionally?) comply to the FSF Free Software
Directory requirements.

What is best practice?

Kind regards,

Rijk Ravestein, Technical Lead

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