[REUSE] REUSE 3.0 released: tutorial, FAQ, and helper tool

Peter Moser (NOI Südtirol/Alto Adige) p.moser at noi.bz.it
Wed Aug 14 06:51:16 UTC 2019

Dear REUSE Team,

On 8/7/19 11:33 AM, Max Mehl wrote:

It is my pleasure to announce the official release of REUSE 3.0 which
contains many exciting improvements.

These are great news. I skimmed the new homepage and the tutorials and got a very good impression. It is straight forward to understand the topic and to see how the tools can be useful.

The new specification is accompanied by a brand new tutorial and FAQ.

In September we will work through the new FAQ and tutorial, and use the tools within one of our projects. I will then write some feedback.

However, I think that, with the (new) REUSE tools and documentation, licensing will be perceived less painful for developers... Nice work!



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