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Hi Carmen,
finally I got some time to read your work.

On 2/21/19 2:32 PM, Carmen Bianca Bakker wrote:

I have created a draft of the tutorial.

It is nicely written and I specially like the story telling. It makes it much more fun to read and understand.

Some remarks:
- I would start with "By the end of this tutorial, all your files will clearly have their copyright and licensing marked." and a title like "Our Goal" (or something similar)
- I would say "Assume that your project looks like this"... (This may also be clearer for non-native speakers; I was a little confused by "invariably")
- I would add a description in parentheses for each abbreviation at its very first occurrence, for example, "FSF (Free Software Foundation)"
- I would remove "(though they may also begin with ©)", because it is just a detail
- I would remove ": Perhaps these files inexplicably break your build process.", because it is unlikely to happen and the sentence before already describes the reason somehow
- "We followed the FSF's recommendations here." Maybe we could add a link to the recommendations? (...and, I would always use present tense)
- "[...] ---the rest you can fill in as you like" <-- Is that true?

These is just my very rough brainstorming :-)

Any feedback welcome....



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