[Reuse] Draft of REUSE tutorial

Carmen Bianca Bakker carmenbianca at fsfe.org
Thu Feb 21 13:32:45 UTC 2019

Hello kind people,

I have created a draft of the tutorial.  Going into the tutorial, I
prioritised three things:

- Length (i.e., keep it short)

- Clarity of instructions

- Tangibility/relatability

Things I explicitly avoided (but might need to be mentioned elsewhere):

- Explaining how copyright and licensing works

- Explaining why this is important

- Explaining how SPDX and DEP-5 work

- Explaining rationales for REUSE decisions

- Explaining all the possible options from the spec

- Explaining that some licences might not be compatible, and you may
  occasionally need legal review from an expert

- Explaining that Free Software licences are the best licences

Specifically, I wanted to touch on these things going in:

- How to add licence

- How to mark files as being under a certain licence

- How to deal with files that cannot have headers

- How to deal with large directories

And so I ended up with <http://carmenbianca.eu/en/reuse/>;.  If or when
you have time, please let me know how it could be improved, or whether
the general style of the tutorial is fitting at all.  I am half-certain
it would be much better with nice illustrations, but I am not very good
at those.

With kindness,

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