[Reuse] Introduction new team member

Patrick Ohnewein patrick at fsfe.org
Mon Feb 11 18:48:21 UTC 2019

Hi Max,

it's good to have you on the mailing list!

> For the FSFE, I am coordinating a few projects, for example the "Public
> Money? Public Code!" initiative [^1] or the EU project FOSS4SMEs which
> will create learning materials about Free Software for people working in
> SMEs [^2]. I am also supporting our technical teams, although I am no
> technician by profession but a political scientist.

I see a lot of synergies with the projects and activities you are 
working on.

Maybe REUSE content could become part of a FOSS3SMEs training module?



Patrick Ohnewein
Free Software Foundation Europe - https://fsfe.org

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