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 = Show your love for Free Software =

[ Read online: https://fsfe.org/news/2015/news-20150209-01.en.html ]

Every year on 14th February, the Free Software Foundation Europe asks
all Free Software users to think about the hard-working people in the
Free Software community and to show them their appreciation individually
on this "I love Free Software"-Day.

Like last year[1] the campaign is dedicated to the people behind Free
Software because they enable us to use, study, share and improve the
software which enables us to work in freedom. This time the focus
especially lies on the small contributions to the big picture of the
Free Software community.

    "When people think of the Free Software they need and admire, many
    think of large well-known applications. These softwares and the
    organisations behind it are very important indeed. But we should
    also think of the countless developers who spend their free or work
    time to write and improve the smaller bits of software we also rely
    on." says Max Mehl, this year's #ilovefs[2] campaign manager.
    "Coders are no machines and their contributions deserve our respect
    and gratitude."

For I love Free Software Day 2015 FSFE has several suggestions how to
show one's love to the people behind Free Software, for example:

- *Pictures* A picture is worth thousand words. The Free Software
  Foundation Europe already collected some images[3] of people showing
  how they express their support for Free Software developers in public.
  That's a very individual way to participate.

- *Postcards* If you rather prefer to clothe your thoughts in words the
  brand-new postcards enable you to do so. It's either suitable for your
  valentine or for developers which software you adore. The postcards
  can be ordered[4] for free just like FSFE's other promotion material.

- *#ilovefs* always had great online impact so FSFE is once again
  looking forward to seeing a lot of messages on microblogs, social
  networks, mailing lists, and blogs in a variety of languages.

- *Donations* to developers and organisations dedicated to Free Software
  are another way how to declare one's appreciation. Invite them for a
  drink or donate to their projects, to FSFE[5] or to other supporters
  of Free Software[6].

    "Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. It is
    important that this technology empowers rather than restricts us.
    Free Software contributors give everybody else the freedom to use,
    understand, adapt and share the software they have written. This way
    they help to support other fundamental freedoms like freedom of
    speech, freedom of press and privacy." says Matthias Kirschner,
    FSFE's Vice President. "We should not underestimate the power of a
    simple "thank you" to motivate them in their important work for
    society. So say thank you on 14th February!"

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 1. https://fsfe.org/news/2014/news-20140221-01.en.html
 2. http://ilovefs.org
 3. https://fsfe.org/campaigns/ilovefs/whylovefs/gallery.en.html
 4. https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#ilovefs-campaign
 5. https://fsfe.org/donate/index.en.html
 6. https://wiki.fsfe.org/DonateToFreeSoftwareProjects

  == About the Free Software Foundation Europe ==

  The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
  non-governmental organisation active in many European countries and
  involved in many global activities. Access to software determines
  participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation in
  the information age, as well as freedom of competition, the Free
  Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is dedicated to the
  furthering of Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use, study,
  modify and copy. Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these issues,
  securing Free Software politically and legally, and giving people
  Freedom by supporting development of Free Software are central issues
  of the FSFE.


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