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Fri Feb 28 11:54:07 CET 2014

= Registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2014 =

[Read online: http://documentfreedom.org/registration-2014-opens]

Today registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2014 events. This year the
campaign day is March 26th, when people who believe in fair access to
communications technology and Open Standards will again present, perform, and
demonstrate. Event organisers can now register[1] on the re-launched
documentfreedom.org website.

Promotional packs with all new materials are now available for ordering[2],
including multilingual posters and leaflets, fliers, and stickers. New t-shirts
are available from the online store[3], and introductory pages providing
examples of important standards[4], and the importance of interoperability to
Universities[5], have been published.

"Last year, 60 inspiring community groups ran events communicating the value of
Open Standards around the world" says Sam Tuke, Campaign Manager. "With events
already planned in Brazil, Brussels, Venezuela and elsewhere, we're aiming at 75
in 2014".

"Greater focus this year has been on fresh materials, new educational leaflets,
fliers, cartoons and stickers" says Erik Albers, Community Manager. "By
providing new localised materials for our passionate event organisers, we're
enabling new ways for them to  deliver messages of interoperability".

Funding is available for groups organising events or prizes for this year's
campaign[6], and the team is aiming to extend it's reach beyond the 30 countries
which celebrated Document Freedom last year[7], and looking forward to receiving
new registrations over coming days. The campaign is made possible by campaign
sponsors Freiheit, and Google[8].

1. https://documentfreedom.org/how-add-event
2. https://documentfreedom.org/en/promotion-pack
3. https://documentfreedom.org/en/products
4. https://documentfreedom.org/en/open-standards-examples
5. https://documentfreedom.org/en/open-standards-universities
6. https://documentfreedom.org/prize-funding
7. https://documentfreedom.org/news/2013/news-20130419-01.en.html
8. http://documentfreedom.org/en/our-sponsors

== About Document Freedom Day ==

   Document Freedom Day (DFD) campaigns to celebrate information
   accessibility and introduce non-technical audiences to Open Standards.
   Open Standards are a basic condition for freedom and choice in
   software; ensuring the freedom to access data, and the freedom to
   build Free Software to read and write information. Started in 2008,
   the campaign last year had 54 events worldwide. It will happen on 27th


== About the Free Software Foundation Europe ==

   The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
   non-governmental organisation active in many European countries and
   involved in many global activities. Access to software determines
   participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation in
   the information age, as well as freedom of competition, the Free
   Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is dedicated to the
   furthering of Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use, study,
   modify and copy. Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these issues,
   securing Free Software politically and legally, and giving people
   Freedom by supporting development of Free Software are central issues
   of the FSFE.

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